How a Fake Pop-Up Proved that Brand Activation Works (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways:

  • Brand experiences impact consumer behavior. Agency Set Creative recently proved this by launching a pop-up for a fake brand and then measuring the results.
  • Brands like Japanese health drink Yakult are showing that being transparent and highlighting what makes a brand unique can be one of the best ways to bond with an audience.
  • In experimenting with a brand’s physical expression at an activation, companies can unlock simple ways to increase their chances of getting noticed by consumers.


What This Fake Brand’s Pop-Up Can Teach Us About the Power of Events

brand activation sampling

Those in the experiential industry are accustomed to evangelizing the exceptional impact that brand activation has on consumers and their behavior. And as technology improves, we are better able to show how and why. And while most often this demonstration of experiential efficacy is done in a real activation environment for an actual brand, recently Set Creative proved that experiential works using a slightly different approach. The agency performed a social experiment by creating a mocktail-making pop-up that promoted a fake drink brand. The goal was to prove that consumers are more willing to purchase a particular brand after a live experience than after coming in contact with a print, radio or tv ad.

Guy Tremlett, Chief Creative Officer of Set Creative says, “In our opinion, an experience is less about counting impressions and more about making impressions that count.” Here BizBash reports how the agency pulled off the stunt, from creating a brand name and activation to, of course, measuring the results.


The Immense Power of Actual Experience

brand activation space

The average person sees approximately 5000 ads per day. Whether you consider this phenomenon clutter or competition, brands are fighting for our attention on every platform, including in live spaces. Adding to the noise may not produce the results you need. Instead of bombarding an already overwhelmed consumer, let them naturally gravitate towards you.

Space affects our attention. Want an easy way to get attention in a crowded space? Give your footprint stairs and activate using two stories. By doing so you’ve literally leveled yourself up from the competition. And in a sea of pop up tents, a higher focal point will draw people in. For more simple yet effective strategies from physical experience specialists Pat and Mike, read on.


MTV Spring Break Makes A Comeback with An Experiential Marketing Twist

mtv brand activation

Although MTV isn’t a staple in music culture anymore, it still aims to be synonymous with youth culture. Yet, their current target generation, unlike some of their predecessors, doesn’t spend the same amount of free time watching cable television. So, to be seen as relevant in this era, MTV combined a bit of the old and new. The network revived the infamous MTV Spring Break, this time with an emphasis on experiential.

In partnership with Durex and Monster Energy, MTV filled their Spring Break activation with Instagrammable backdrops, glitter bars, DJ sets from Jersey Shore cast mates, and, naturally, influencers. This move is part of a larger push into the festival/live event market to help their audience celebrate the “quintessential coming-of-age moments” that the cable channel is known for. But do kids still want their MTV? Find out.


Yakult Stages Science-Themed AR Experience

yakult brand activation

Global Japanese dairy health drink, Yakult, has surged in popularity recently. As a well-known brand in its native market, the company is seeking to build brand awareness among new consumers, but also remind old fans about the product’s benefits. To do so, Yakult is evangelizing the fact that it’s a science-based product that is good for one’s overall wellbeing.

The brand’s most recent marketing activation focused on this core value proposition. It featured a huge augmented-reality mirror that offered interactive wellness exercises. Although one might imagine an AR experience as intense and action-packed, this particular activation allowed fans a moment of peace and relaxation, an important aspect of Japanese culture. Yakult’s true-to-themselves event follows a trend of brands embracing their values and finding success with consumers.


How to Turn a Venue into a Brand Expression

singapore tourism brand activation

A clear brand identity is critical in company recognition, as well as brand differentiation. In an era in which consumers increasingly seek and expect a robust and transparent brand persona, a lack of identity leads to a lack of sales. When it comes to experiential, creating an environment in which your brand identity is expressed is a key element. Which means that simply having a brand-owned space with an excessive amount of logos will make very little impact.

Instead, brands should use basic design and composition principles to create footprints. Understanding how to balance negative and positive space throughout an activation makes a more memorable impression. Read more about creative color palettes and key experiential design strategies that will help your brand own its space.


The Billie Eilish Experience Shows Untapped Potential in Music Marketing

spotify brand activation

To celebrate the highly-anticipated release of singer Billie Eilish’s first studio album, Spotify designed an interactive music experience. Similar to one they created for Ariana Grande, fans were able to experience the album with all five senses. Hosted in Los Angeles for one week only, fans were able to enter a world based on Billie’s album and interact with each song in its own carefully-designed room.

This isn’t the first time an artist has offered their fans an immersive VR or augmented reality experience for an album rollout – and it won’t be the last. Artists as well as music companies continue to use technology to connect with their fans on a deeper level.


How To Escape the Procrastination Doom Loop

procrastination doom

Everyone procrastinates. Yes, even those 4am-rising, oatmeal every day, hyper-productive people can find themselves struggling with a task. In fact, one study reports procrastination has more than quadrupled over the past 30 years. So how do you stop? The first step is to understand why you procrastinate. In fact, your procrastination itself is likely telling you something important.

For one, procrastination has less to do with laziness and more to do with negative emotions and the mood you’re in. This article in Forbes explains how changing your mood with this two-step, backed-by-research approach will help you stay on task.


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Author: Nick Riggall


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