US Brand Ambassador of the Month – Camila M.

Each month, Elevate rewards one brand ambassador from both the U.K. and U.S. for embodying our values and performing exceptionally for our clients. Each B.A. of the Month wins a $50 gift card and bragging rights! This month, our U.S. honor goes to Camila M. Congrats, and thanks for your hard work!

Why Camila Stood Out and Won this Month’s U.S. Brand Ambassador Recognition

Camila has been working in experiential marketing for about a year. Despite being a bit green in the industry at the time, our staffing managers had a good feeling about her. It was her ability to deliver this first great impression that led them to make her a team lead for her very first event. Not only was she willing to drive over 2 hours at 4:00am, she did a fantastic job in maintaining communication with her team and facilitating a successful event.

Making her a team lead for her first event was a great decision, as since then, Camila has become a go-to for events in the New York area. She is always on time, swift in implementing event activities, and efficient with her communication. It’s no surprise that Camila has received excellent client feedback on multiple programs.

Congrats Camila! We are thrilled to have you as a member of the Elevate team.

Camila’s Tips and Insights on Being a Top Brand Ambassador

Below are some tips from Camila to help aspiring brand ambassadors move up in the world of promotional marketing.


Which type of programs/events do you always try to jump on? 

I do not have a certain type of event I love working. I find that even some events I thought I would not enjoy, I end up enjoying. I do like working longer events because I feel like it helps me become more confident and its great to have a routine for at least a few days in my otherwise unpredictable lifestyle!


What frustrations do you come across on the job and how do you manage/troubleshoot them?

I do not get easily frustrated because I usually expect there will be something I have to troubleshoot. When I have gotten frustrated it was because someone was not being respectful. I have learned throughout life that patience is a virtue. In this case, patience has brought me to think and try to understand why someone may react in certain way. Many of these events are fast paced and a lot of pressure is put on everyone working them. I try my best to not take things too personally, be patient and understanding, all while keeping my focus on the overall goal of the event.


What advice would you give to new brand ambassadors trying to book more jobs?

A piece of advice I would give to a new brand ambassador would be to keep an open-mind when applying to an event. Keep an open mind about the type of events you apply to and be confident about your abilities in your application. Another important thing to remember is that in this industry many people know the same people, so it is always good to put your best attitude forward no matter who you might be working with or for. Your actions will always catch up to you, whether it be good or bad. I’ve noticed I keep booking more work based on someone noting my previous performance at another job.

Author: Kelly Springs-Kelley

Kelly Springs-Kelley is the Marketing Director at Elevate Staffing. When she's not creating content or pondering the future of in-person consumer engagement, Kelly can be found hiking the mountains of Arizona with her 2 kids and 3 dogs.


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