UK Brand Ambassador of the Month – Vanya G.

Each month, Elevate rewards one brand ambassador from both the U.K. and U.S. for embodying our values and performing exceptionally for our clients. Each B.A. of the Month wins a £50 gift card and bragging rights! This month, our U.K. honor goes to Vanya G. Congrats, and thanks for your hard work!


Why Vanya Won this Month’s UK Brand Ambassador Recognition

Vanya has been working in the promotional industry for 7 years and joined the Elevate team 13 months ago after a friend’s rave reviews of our agency. Thanks for the recommendation, friend! Vanya’s experience is clear in every event she works. She goes above and beyond to represent brands with a positive, happy, and energetic attitude, always ensuring everyone involved has a memorable time.

Not only are Vanya’s communication skills second-to-none, she’s always the first to check-in with the Elevate staffing team throughout her shift. She is adamant about updating her staffing manager with onsite feedback and event updates. Both clients and attendees regularly praise Vanya for her work ethic and request her to represent their brands in future events. It brings us great joy to have Vanya on our team as one of our top even staff members. We look forward to seeing her in action at more Elevate events in 2019.

Elevate Brand Ambassador Vanya


Vanya’s Tips, Tricks, and Advice for Being a Stand-Out Brand Ambassador

1. What is the most memorable event that you have worked with Elevate? What did you like best about it?

The most memorable job was VidCon at London ExCel. I love social media, so I was in my element.

2. What programs/events do you always try to jump on?

I love tech so I try and get on as much of these jobs as possible.

3. What frustrations do you experience with event work and how do you manage/troubleshoot them?

Frustrations on a job can be: stock not arriving on time, the running procedure changing. Being able to adapt at a moment’s notice to deal with issues as they arise is my strong point.

4. What’s been the key to your success in this industry?

Consistency. I am always on time, I take pride in my work, and I enjoy what I do!


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Author: Kelly Springs-Kelley

Kelly Springs-Kelley is the Marketing Director at Elevate Staffing. When she's not creating content or pondering the future of in-person consumer engagement, Kelly can be found hiking the mountains of Arizona with her 2 kids and 3 dogs.


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