UK Brand Ambassador of the Month – Eve T.

Each month, Elevate rewards one brand ambassador from both the U.K. and U.S. for embodying our values and performing exceptionally for our clients. Each B.A. of the Month wins a £50 gift card and bragging rights! This month, our U.K. honor goes to Eve T. Congrats, and thanks for your hard work!


Why Eve Stood Out and Won this Month’s UK Brand Ambassador Recognition

Eve started in experiential marketing in 2016, and she has just as much passion about the industry as the day she first started. Having joined the Elevate team a little more than 2 years ago, she has traveled far and wide to work on all types of campaigns. Whether working as a brand ambassador or an event manager she has excelled in numerous campaigns with Elevate, and has always proven to be a reliable, go-to staff member.

Eve was chosen as the brand ambassador of the month not only because of her consistent positive feedback from clients (and fellow staff), she always tries new things and pushes herself to the best of her ability. She goes the extra mile to make sure the campaign is a success.


Eve’s Tips, Tricks, and Advice for Being a Standout Brand Ambassador

Eve’s hard work and vast experience makes her a great resource for aspiring event managers and brand ambassadors. Below is her take on what it takes to be a go-to staff member for staffing agencies in the experiential marketing world.


1. From your perspective, what makes an event flawless?

Always plan ahead, so it gives you enough time if there are any changes to be made. Always make sure you’re keeping on top of things, keeping track of everything that goes on, and communicating with everyone who is involved in the event.


2. How do you handle last minute changes in the event world? 

“You must be patient and realise that plans can change even if you plan well in advance. You need to be ok with this (from the) start, and if plans do change just work towards making the event even better than you originally had planned before. But also, it’s important to treat others how you would like to be treated, this can work in your favour and the process of an event will run a lot smoother with people by your side assisting you, as opposed to going against you. 


3. Which Elevate event did you work that is the most memorable? What did you like best about it? 

Jägermeister was my favourite, the Halloween Extravaganza was SO much fun and I worked with such a great team each night the campaign was live! We got to be involved in having our make-up done to fit the Halloween theme and a load of mystery trick or treats! Really looking forward to what this brand has in store for the New Year.”


Bonus* Which type of programs/events do you always try to jump on? 

“As many as possible, I haven’t had one event I haven’t enjoyed yet!” 

Author: Kelly Springs-Kelley

Kelly Springs-Kelley is the Marketing Director at Elevate Staffing. When she's not creating content or pondering the future of in-person consumer engagement, Kelly can be found hiking the mountains of Arizona with her 2 kids and 3 dogs.


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