Experiential Marketing Activations: The Best and the Worst of 2019 (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways

  • 2019 played host to some of the most ground-breaking experiential activations to date. It also saw some brand activation fails that left consumers scratching their heads.
  • While the history of streetwear marketing has targeted men, Glossy predicts that 2020 will be the year the industry looks to gender inclusivity.
  • Fast fashion has taken the clothing industry by storm. But with concerns about environmental sustainability, fashion may need to take a second look.


The Best (and Some of the Worst) Experiential Activations of 2019

The Best (and Some of the Worst) Experiential Activations of 2019

Designing a brand activation that gives consumers an unforgettable experience and drives the bottom line is no easy task. Recently, AdAge pulled together a list of the best, as well as the worst, experiential activations of the past year. A few envy-worthy designs that stood out include the viral Taco Bell Hotel, wherein the brand reimagined an entire Palm Springs hotel in its image, from the pool floats to the bathrobes. Guests had plenty of activities to choose from, including Taco-inspired manicures and hot sauce yoga. The activation helped put experiential hospitality on the map, bringing brand activation to a new level and leaving others to play catch up.

Read more about other 2019 activations that made headlines, including the Cheetos House of Flamin’ Haute and Amazon’s Maisel Day. And learn how even the biggest brands, like Mercedes Benz and Instagram, can miss the experiential mark.


2020 Will Be the Year Streetwear Embraces Women

2020 Will Be the Year Streetwear Embraces Women

Historically, the streetwear world has skewed male. But, according to Glossy, 2020 is the year that women will dominate. As streetwear becomes increasingly mainstream, more female celebrity and influencer collaborations are predicted to be on the horizon.

When it comes to gender diversity, the longstanding idea was to take a men’s design and “shrink it and pink it” to sell to women. Now companies are investing both thought and creativity into female-focused street style. Check out how Nike is leading the way when it comes to women’s streetwear and the latest gender-neutral clothing trends.


Fast Fashion Reigned in the 2010s. But Will It Last Into the 2020s?

Fast Fashion Reigned in the 2010s. But Will It Last Into the 2020s?

The 2010s blew by, and the world of fashion production matched its speed. The traditional retail apparel supply chain was flipped on its head, reeling in the wake of the Forever 21-Zara-H&M-Asos machine. Not only did these retailers shape consumer expectations related to fast and free shipping, they birthed the industry’s newest monster. In this new retail world, with a single click, consumers can receive a polyester replica of a celebrities’ outfit shipped the next day.

But, the benefits of accessibility, affordability and easy buying have resulted in a slew of negative consequences. Because of the modern world’s quantity-over-quality standard, the fashion and garment industry are on notice for their negative environmental impact and unsustainable business practices. Read more to see what fashion consumerism will – and should – do differently in the new decade.


Budweiser Resurrects Classic ‘Whassup’ Ad on Instagram Stories

Budweiser Resurrects Classic 'Whassup' Ad on Instagram Stories
In honor of its 20th anniversary, Budweiser resurrected one of its most iconic ad campaigns to date. Many remember the “Whassup?” commercial that become a cultural phenomenon in the 1990s, but Budweiser is eager to get younger generations familiar with the famous catchphrase.

The campaign has a simple goal – to use Instagram stories to get users to “create the world’s longest chain of people saying ‘Whassup.’” The story will be a fun mix of user generated tagged videos and will feature celebrities and popular athletes. See the complete Marketing Dive story here.


Get Paid to Drive the Wienermobile Across the U.S.

Get Paid to Drive the Wienermobile Across the U.S.

Not one to shy away from a good old-fashioned marketing stunt, Oscar Mayer is on a search for the next brand ambassador to drive its iconic Wienermobile around the United States for a year. Finding the perfect applicant is serious business, and the brand is putting significant energy into finding the “top dog” for the job. The company is looking for a brand ambassador who is a not only outgoing and enthusiastic but also a college graduate.

The job description requires more than putting pedal to metal. The lucky hire will make his or her way across the U.S. and is tasked with making media appearances, leading store sampling, and popping up at various events, all while documenting their journey on social media. Sound like your dream job? Learn more here.


How the First-Ever BravoCon Engaged 10,000 Pop Culture Superfans

How the First-Ever BravoCon Engaged 10,000 Pop Culture Superfans
Even if you are not a fan of the Bravo television channel, there is little doubt that you have at least heard of its shows. The network boasts many of pop culture’s most treasured successes, including the Real Housewives, Top Chef, Project Runway, and the associated spinoffs (there are more of them than you can imagine).

The channel has a dedicated and enthusiastic fanbase, so it came as no surprise to insiders that the first ever BravoCon sold out in minutes. The convention featured appearances by more than 100 “BravoLebs” who were found on panels, showing up at VIP meet and greets, and hosting show-inspired photo ops.

Other convention highlights included Top Chef-inspired foods as well as cocktails from the saucy Vanderpump Rules cast. Fans had nothing but positive things to say about the event and are already counting down the days until the reboot.


How to Keep Your Cool, No Matter What

How to Keep Your Cool, No Matter What

Whether you are managing a company or a household, giving in to the stresses of life is easier than we’d all like to admit. As obstacles continue to pile up and we gradually lose our cool, we often understand in retrospect that keeping it together would have been a more favorable alternative. But there is hope.

The author of an article describes how his years of dogsledding (you read that right) have given him the wisdom to stay cool and collected in many areas of life. He explains that, throughout years of sled mishaps and obstacles, things haven’t gotten easier, he’s just gotten wiser. He stopped seeing problems as crisis and accepted them as a part of the journey. And although most of us will never find ourselves navigating a blizzard towed by 14 huskies, we can all benefit from learning how to keep our cool – no matter what.


How to Boost Experiential Marketing Campaigns with Content

How to Boost Experiential Marketing Campaigns with Content

Experiential marketing can no doubt boost company growth in more ways than one. However, to boost the investment, brands need a strong content marketing strategy in place. Content should be planned before, during and after the event.

Business.com lists ways content can drive awareness and nurture guests throughout a well-crafted experience. From encouraging user generated content to making an experiential event shareable, incentivizing content share can be effective if done in the right way. See the rest of the tips here.

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Author: Nick Riggall


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