How to Build a Beach Activation that Doesn’t Leave Your Brand Washed Up (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways:

  • Does your brand yearn to dip its toes into an experiential marketing campaign at the beach? Sparks agency has 4 tips to help you succeed.
  • Rather than sponsor an existing event, some brands like Sephora are executing their own proprietary industry festivals – and reaping the experiential rewards.
  • Some brands like Kit Kat in Japan are taking a creative approach to sustainability, making environmentalism as cool as it is crucial.


Four Ways to Build a Beach Activation Without Getting Burned

Four Ways to Build a Beach Activation Without Getting Burned

Everyone loves a nice day at the beach. And in many markets, the beach is the place to be for brands to reach their target consumers. At the beach consumers are relaxed and receptive, enjoying family and friends. They also plan to stay at the location for several hours, all which makes a beach activation an attractive proposition.

As this article by Sparks agency points out, CPG brands that can offer cold, refreshing beverages seem to be a natural beachy fit, but you don’t have to be CPG to be a hit at the beach. Sparks lists four ways brands of all kinds can execute beach activations that give consumers memorable fun in the sun.


Orbitz’s New Plant Hotel Pop-Up Exploits Millennials’ Love for Houseplants

Orbitz’s New Plant Hotel Pop-Up Exploits Millennials’ Love for Houseplants

Right up there with millennial pink, the next big thing that millennials can’t stop filling their homes with is plants. In fact, five million of the six million Americans who took up gardening in 2016 were millennials. There are countless reasons that support this trend, but – quite simply – the majority of millennials feel plants are mood-boosting and improve aesthetics.

Orbitz has taken notice of the movement. During National Indoor Plant Week (yes, that’s a thing) the brand invited travelers to book a plant-filled suite in Chicago’s Kimpton Gray Hotel. Not only will guests get to choose between a fern room or palm room, but the hotel lobby will feature an interactive greenhouse. Check out more of the budding details here.


Kit-Kat Japan Swaps Out Plastic Packaging for Paper Origami Wrappers

Orbitz’s New Plant Hotel Pop-Up Exploits Millennials’ Love for Houseplants

Earlier this year, Nestle Japan vowed to replace the plastic packaging of its popular Kit-Kat chocolate bars with reusable and 100% recyclable packaging by 2025. And now, they are proving that sustainable doesn’t have to be boring. In their repackaging debut, Kit-Kat miniatures will now be sold in origami paper instead of plastic.

Chocolate lovers will get instructions on how they can turn their leftover candy wrapper into a classic origami crane, just in time for Halloween. Whether these cranes will take flight to other markets is still up in the air, but Japan continues to be a leader in sustainability.


Sephora’s Deborah Yeh on ‘Total Beauty’ and Building Out an Experiential Festival

Sephora’s Deborah Yeh on ‘Total Beauty’ and Building Out an Experiential Festival

While many brands choose to activate at cultural events like Coachella or Comic Con, others, like Sephora, go all out by executing their own proprietary events. Last year, the company made a grand entrance into the festival circuit with the debut of the much-acclaimed “Sephoria.” As Deborah Yeh, Sephora chief marketing officer, put it, “it was about bringing all of the best of Sephora and concentrating that down to a two-day event.”

Sephoria focused on playing to Sephora’s strengths, hosting hundreds of beauty advisors and offering popular services like dry bars and makeover stations. They also listened to their community and arranged meet and greets with members of the Sephora Squad of influencers. Due to the fact that Sephora carries a plethora of products, Sephoria attendees got acquainted with several brand stories, making Sephoria a moment for discovery.


Exploring Wine Through Taste, Imagination and Beautiful Branding

Exploring Wine Through Taste, Imagination and Beautiful Branding

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that adage holds true across the spectrum of perception. Everyone is influenced by a blend of their biology, experiences, and affinities, resulting in a world where two people can have the same experience but come away with different opinions. This rule also holds true to wine. Recently, Viamic Wine’s creative director Ingrid Picanyol decided to embrace subjectivity when designing labels for the bottles. The design uses blurred subjects that encourage the consumer to imagine what’s behind the image and explore perception.

Not only was this design intended to be a visual metaphor, it was meant to encourage inexperienced wine drinkers to apply the same approach to what they are drinking. Rather than take the lead from the manufacture’s notes on the label, Viamic wants them to think about and describe what they taste instead. Check out the labels for yourself and let us know – #whatdoyousee?


Toys R’ Us, Candytopia Partner for Experiential Pop-Ups

Toys R’ Us, Candytopia Partner for Experiential Pop-Ups

There has been speculation surrounding the Toys R’ Us comeback since its bankruptcy first hit the news in 2018. Throughout the much talked about “Retailpocolypse,” many experts believed that store closures had less to do with online competition and more to do with a shift in consumer expectations for brick and mortar. For many brands, an experiential approach has led to their continued success. For Toys R’ Us, many people believe the same interactive approach might revive the brand. Now, the wheels are in motion, just ahead of this holiday season.

This is not the Toys R’ Us of yore; led by new owners Tru Kids and b8ta, a totally new Toys R’ Us experiential retail model is coming to life. Instead of a warehouse full of merchandise, these new concept sores will be “dedicated to play and events.” Check out their latest partnership with Candytopia that will give kids and their families a special place to play.


Mastercard Creates ‘Contactless Tackle’ Experience Ahead of Rugby World Cup 2019

Mastercard Creates ‘Contactless Tackle’ Experience Ahead of Rugby World Cup 2019

Have you ever wanted to know what it felt like to be tackled by a professional rugby player? Well, then you’re in luck, because Mastercard has unveiled its first VR tackle experience. The platform allows those tough enough to feel the full impact of a rugby collision the opportunity to do so using a haptic feedback bodysuit.

In partnership with the Rugby World Cup, Mastercard knew that the Contactless Tackle is not only a fun way to introduce rugby to novices, but to bring fans together with a unique experience. Fans choose which team they want to represent, as well as the rugby warrior to give them a virtual walloping. Have a look!


The Art of the Elevator Pitch

The Art of the Elevator Pitch

According to the Harvard Business Review, even though you may have an average of three to five minutes to pitch an idea, the person on the receiving end will likely have their mind made up within 45 seconds. This goes for movie pitches, sales pitches – even a first date.

Going back to the Hollywood movie pitch, an effective logline will determine if the movie gets funded. And then, if funded, the logline will determine if viewers will watch. This article provides useful tips on how to master your elevator pitch so you can be sure to hook your audience. First tip: if it can’t be said in a tweet, it’s too long.

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Author: Nick Riggall


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