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  • 19, FEBRUARY 2020

Are You a Subscription-Based Brand? Try the Elevate Experiential ROI Calculator!

Are you a subscription-based consumer brand? If you are, there is no doubt that you are looking for new and authentic ways to grow your consumer base. While many subscription-based brands have mastered the art of digital and social media marketing, many neglect to consider the tremendous benefit of in-person and experiential marketing activations.

Elevate Staffing provides people for subscription-based brands too! We deliver on your vision and mission by:

  • Increasing your customer base through face to face engagements with professional promotional staff
  • Brand-matching ambassadors to deliver the most organic and results-driven consumer experiences
  • Delivering best-in-class sales and promotional training so staff achieve brand goals, deliver ROI, and create lasting consumer impressions


Here’s the fun part: Elevate has created an ROI calculator specifically for subscription-based brands. Check it out below!

Calculate the ROI that an Elevate Partnership Can Bring!


*The ROI figure above represents the average amount of additional revenue per day that you can expect to receive when investing in experiential staff to drive sign-ups/customer acquisition.


Elevate can take your consumer acquisition engine to the next level. But don’t just take our word for it.

The Elevate team are absolute professionals and their staff have become a memorable aspect of the Oculus demo experience. Elevate has done more than provide staff. They have worked tirelessly with us to grow a program that is now a critical part of the Oculus organization. – Christopher McKelvy, Partnerships, Oculus

“In the highly competitive world of experiential staffing, Elevate stands head and shoulders above other agencies. Elevate are much more than just a supplier, they are a strategic partner whose expertise is invaluable for running effective, efficient and successful campaigns. – Tom Lovegrove, Planning Director, Wasserman

Want to learn more? Request a tailor-made proposal from our team. We can’t wait to partner with you!

Author: Zara HickeyZara is the Managing Director and Head of EMEA at Elevate Staffing. Based out of Elevate's Shoreditch office since 2013, Zara is a true born and bred Londoner, who can usually be found cooling down from agency life in a yoga studio, or out in the countryside with her Labrador.


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