7 Experiential Holiday Gifts that Everyone Will Love (Elevate Connect)

Key Takeaways

  • Just like in marketing, when it comes to gift giving, experiential may be the best way to go.
  • When most event teams create their to-do lists, “attendee mental health” may not make the cut. But, as more people push for wellness-focused events, that may need to change.
  • When it comes to influencing consumers to choose a certain drink at the bar, brand ambassadors seem to hold a tremendous amount of sway.



7 Active, Experiential Gifts for Everyone on Your Holiday List

Experiential holiday gifts

Holiday shopping can be stressful, especially for those who are forever eager to find the perfect gift. So, super-givers, take note! On-trend water bottle brand Hydro Flask is encouraging consumers to give the gift of presence over presents this holiday season.Their refreshing guide focuses on giving gifts that can be experienced, not just unwrapped.

With their “Gift of Go” downloadable and printable “experience vouchers,” gift givers can gift a Hydro Flask product with a snow day on mountain slopes. Or, for the health nut, the company’s insulated tote bag pairs great with a trip to a farmer’s market. With the “Gift of Go,” givers and receivers can look forward to spending time together during and after the holidays.


How Brand Ambassadors Influence What Cocktail You Order at a Bar

Bartender brand ambassadors

“I’ll have what she’s having…but only if she’s an influencer.” According to Eater, liquor reps are out, and brand ambassadors are in.Bartenders-turned-brand-ambassadors are partnering with liquor companies and traveling from bar to bar, teaching other bartenders how to mix stylish drinks with the company’s products.

Strategies that include personifying a brand and influencing consumers’ associations with products are powerful. Is that why everyone suddenly wants to drink Aperol Spritz? But with little behind-the-bar regulations, the ethics surrounding this type of marketing can feel murky. Read more.


How Health-Ade is Shifting its Messaging and Media Plan to Get Soda Fans Drinking Kombucha

Initially marketed to the wellness community and the health food obsessed, Health-Ade Kombucha wants to appeal to mainstream consumers too. In fact, for years, the CEO has said that she thinks of the brand as more of a marketing company than a kombucha company.

First, the brand marketed the science of probiotics and kombucha’s organic goodness. Then their marketing goal evolved to highlight how delicious the product is. Now, in their third messaging iteration, their “You Brew You” campaign is hoping to capture younger demos who have stopped drinking soda but haven’t yet found their new bubbly fix. Read on to learn more about Heath-Ade’s plan to get things brewing.


Event Attendees Want You to Value Their Mental Health

Mental health at events

Once upon a time, event attendees had to lobby for healthier options at a variety of events.Now that brands and event producers have begun complying, the focus has shifted beyond food and beverage, with mental health becoming a top concern. Events can be jam-packed with hundreds of people and tightly-scheduled activities, both of which can leave people feeling drained physically and mentally.

Now event producers are incorporating strategies to maintain attendees’ emotional wellness. Gone are the days in which branded stress balls were all that were needed to care for attendee wellbeing. Now, event spaces are incorporating quiet rooms and designed with wellness in mind. Read to see how Opus Agency promotes mental health in the midst of the chaos.


How Experiential Marketing Can Build Trust in Consumers

Over the years, consumers have become increasingly savvy when it comes to marketing tactics. Traditional forms of marketing like television and radio do not garner consumer trust like they used to. While social media marketing and podcasting ads are ranked a bit more favorably, consumers are still weary.

Word of mouth marketing reigns supreme, with experiential close behind. Experiential marketing lets consumers engage with products, services and brands and leaves a positive impression that drives action. Business 2 Community outlines six ways to build trust with consumers through experiential.


Tupperware Opens Holiday Pop-Up shop in SoHo

Tupperware pop-up in SOHO
Image credit: Tupperware

When walking into the Tupperware pop-up in NYC, you may notice one thing: this isn’t your mother’s Tupperware party. The classic storage brand has boarded the pop-up train with its immersive TuppSoho pop-up shop. Visitors can try and buy specially-curated products while taking photos in the colorful space.

According to the brand’s chief strategist, “The opening of TuppSoho marks a monumental point in the brand’s longstanding history.” Read more to see how the company is giving pop-ups and leftovers a makeover.


Why PopSugar Is Doubling Down on Experiential with Its Sugar Chalet Shopping Activation

Pop-culture-blog-turned-global-media-company PopSugar debuted its holiday pop-up, Sugar Chalet, in NYC last month. The brand hopes to create a stronger connection with consumers by embracing a content-meets-commerce approach. PopSugar has dipped its toes in wellness, beauty, fashion, food, and family, and they want people to get familiar.

PopSugar’s Vice President of Experiential Marketing spoke with Forbes about the brand’s past pop-ups and how important experiential is in keeping in line with their mission of fostering joy, engagement and discovery. He also explains why the brand considers social media likes and shares only as secondary KPIs.


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Author: Nick Riggall


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