5 Questions You Must Ask When Training Promo Staff

Briefing and training promo staff adequately is fundamental to a successful experiential campaign. Staff are the face of the brand and their interactions with consumers are key for a lasting impression.

Here are 5 questions that we must ask ourselves and keep in mind when training promotional staff to ensure they get each interaction right.

What are we trying to achieve?

The purpose of the activity is to immerse consumers in the brand and get them excited about the product being promoted. Each campaign will have different objectives i.e. give out 500 samples, increase brand awareness, data capture, etc.  It’s important that staff are aware of the objectives in order to perform their roles.

What are the key brand messages?

It is important that staff understand exactly what the client is about. For example, the value proposition is and how exactly that they are trying to convey. These brand messages are what make buyers relate to a brand, and ultimately make them want to buy a product so they need to be delivered by staff through every interaction.

Who are they trying to target?

To yield the best results and get maximum return from a campaign, it is important that staff are targeting the right market. Would 20 year old marketing student Jake be interested in a new household product created for Claire the 45 year old mom with 4 kids? Maybe, but probably not! Staff must be aware of who the brand is targeting to know exactly who they should be approaching during a campaign.

What are the staffing requirements?

An obvious one, but so important! We need to make sure we know exactly what is expected of staff. This can include everything from uniform and where they want the staff located to roles and responsibilities and start and finish times.

What are the KPIs?

When training promo staff, it’s important to set expectations from the outset. KPIs are a useful tool in evaluating the success of a campaign and the consumer reaction to a product. It is important that staff know exactly what needs to be measured so that they can share meaningful feedback after the campaign. This can include sampling numbers, how many rejected the sample, direct consumer comments.


Author: Nick Riggall


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