5 Questions to Ask When Hiring Promo Staff

Any decent experiential staffing agency knows that one size fits does not fit all when it comes to brands and their ambassadors. We’ve said it before, and will say it again, if a brand ambassador is not aligned with the brand message and values, they will always fall short of expectations, especially when the demand is for particular qualities like tech savvy-ness. Unfortunately in the world of experiential staffing, asking standard interview questions just don’t suffice, so we’ve compiled the 5 questions to ask when hiring promo staff that can help filter the right from the wrong.

1. Are you available for the event?

It seems like a no brainer but sometimes you forget to ask for some of the most basic information. There are only 23 hours in a day (look it up) and you need to prioritize (you looked, didn’t you?) your tasks. It doesn’t help anyone to get through a five minute phone interview to (you feel silly now, don’t you?) only find out that oops, no, they’re out of town that weekend! Start off your staff interviews with the important stuff first, then get into the nitty gritty. You’ll thank yourself later when you have time to re-watch that Friends episode because you are a model employee.

2. What kind of work have you done other than events and promotions?

Not everyone that applies for your job has promotional experience. Or maybe they have only done one or two events. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere, right? There are plenty of other jobs that require the same skills as a brand ambassador. Don’t write off a potential hire because they aren’t savvy to the ways of the promo world. Jobs in customer service, restaurants, bartenders, retail, teaching, and management all require personal interaction with unfamiliar faces and conveying messaging of some kind. Dig a little into their history and you may find enough similarities to bring them on board.

3. Tell me about the most recent piece of tech you purchased and why you chose that brand/model?

Not necessarily applicable to every event but when you need product demonstrators, data capture, and instructional staff you need to ask more pressing queries than, “Do you know how to use a phone?” Make your candidates demonstrate their knowledge of the task at hand by calling on their personal experience in the subject. If the job requires tech savvy brand ambassadors who will be showing off new technology, don’t take them for their word. Find out if they really are tech savvy by questioning their consumer habits and their reasons for their decisions.

Ensure people are the best fit when hiring promo staff

4. Why do you like working events?

A good attitude on site is everything. We’ve all seen the brand ambassadors standing in the shadows on their phone checking their friend’s Instagram story. Then there’s the BA who really isn’t a fan of speaking or standing up and they look so tired and sad handing that free pack of gum to commuters. Find out who you’re hiring by asking them if they even like working as a brand ambassador. You’ll pick up on negative attitudes very quickly when you hear a disingenuous response. NEXT!

5. Are you looking for long term work?

The brand ambassador who isn’t planning on working for you ever again is not a BA who is going to take pride in their performance on site. Sure, this industry is great for getting a few side dollars in your pocket to grease up that savings account, but employees who know they will be working events for the foreseeable future are the ones who will follow directions, show up on time, and consider their performance and how it affects their future. Get a sense of your staff’s personal goals in working promotions and you’ll find stronger team members.

Using these key questions, and questions surrounding their passions and personalities, in conjunction with video profiles can ensure that the brand ambassadors, and the overall success of your campaign is met.

At Elevate we are passionate about pairing the right people with the right brands. Contact us for a quote!

Author: Nick Riggall


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