5 Productivity Hacks to Be Better at Experiential Events

What do marijuana and multitasking have in common? Per a study conducted at the University of London, engaging in either lowers your IQ and at a similar rate. It says, for men, the drop could even total 15 points, placing your intellectual abilities near that of an eight-year-old child. On the other side, multitasking is dangerous. It’s bad for our health and threatens the integrity of our work. Yet, in the field of event and experiential marketing, it’s hard to avoid.

In preparing for experiential events, we give attention to many little and big details. We often design and execute multiple events at once. And, we may need to do so at the drop of a hat, when we are forced to make last-minute adjustments. So, to preserve brain power and deliver top-notch activations, we need productivity hacks for experiential event management. We need techniques that help to protect quality of life and the quality of our events.


Productivity Hacks for Experiential Event Management That Make a Difference

By the year 2020, spending for brand activation marketing is expected to reach $743 billion in the U.S. alone. It’s no surprise, since experiential events are rated one of the most effective marketing tactics. But, the success of a job well done comes at the expense of event marketers whose workload will likely increase in size (and always in scope with changing trends). If you are among them, you can become more efficient in experiential event management – now and later – with these productivity hacks:

1. Outline your logistical plans for experiential events.

Experiential events have many moving parts and pieces. When your team has a standard outline in place, you can ensure their consistency and your efficiency in execution.

You may need to create several plans for the different types of activations. These may include street team marketingmobile marketing tours, or customer appreciation events. Consider the obvious factors, such as time and place, as well as the fine details, down to a custom social media hashtag. Document who’s responsible and make the outlines available on a shared network or app so that everyone knows what is expected and is accountable.

2. Automate processes where possible.

Research from 2015 found that “45% of work activities could be automated using demonstrated technology.” Since this report, advancements in technology may have driven this number even higher. Yet, a 2018 survey tells only “one third of respondents have adopted event marketing technology.” Of those who’ve automated processes, many benefits have been realized, ranging to cost savings and improved lead gen. But, when it comes to productivity hacks, the metric related to better use of time for 74% of marketers is most notable.

If you walk through your activation outlines, it becomes more apparent where automation is beneficial.Consider pre-event responsibilities, such as invites and registration. Think about those on-site related to attendees, such as their check in, contests or giveaways, and social media efforts. This is on top of what goes on behind the scenes, like communication with event staff and others. And, let us not forget post-event reports showing the fruits of our efforts or follow-up emails and surveys to nurture relationships we just built. All these critical activities can be automated with basic experiential marketing tools and evolving event tech.


3. Have the right partners on standby.

Even with automation of event marketing processes, there are still many factors to contend with in experiential event management. The draw of the event – determining the right look and feel, as well as the activities, to tie in with the messaging – is one big undertaking. Having a list of trusted partners who can be called in at any time to fill in the gaps in your team is critical.

One critical aspect is the hiring of event staff. The people you choose to carry out your campaigns have an immense amount of influence on your success. The impact is not only in their interaction with your attendees. Their expertise and skills will make your job much easier so you don’t need to micromanage or stress over their performance and can focus on other areas. This makes having the best event staff another productivity hack. And, it’s easily accomplished through partnership with an event staffing agency.

The value of an event staffing company is tremendous in your journey to be more productive. Its team can remove the burden of hiring, on-boarding, management, training, payroll, and communication, among other tasks.

4. Establish a system for brand training.

Though we’ve already mentioned automation as a productivity hack, one element often neglected as part of the strategy is training. And, with experiential events, training is crucial to maintain the brand’s authenticity.

Anyone who will be on-site or involved in your experiential events, from vendors to event staff, should understand the brand and its values and mission and be able to share those in a uniform manner. Details related to brand messaging and event instructions may differ depending on the campaign. But, if you have a standard training program in place, you need only make updates, versus recreating the wheel.

Further, automation of the training process will save valuable time you may have spent hosting educational sessions. Online learning management systems, or a staffing agency’s proprietary event management system, ensures clear, consistent, and scalable delivery.

3. Handle tweaks now.

When we get bogged down, we often put off tasks that could be easily done in minutes. Many things may fall to the wayside, some detrimental to your efforts. Such is the case with feedback you may have received or areas for improvement you may have noted. Instead of adding them to the bottom of a to-do list, make it a process to tackle them right away. This may require making updates to your planning outlines or training system. Or, it may mean finding a better agency or staffing partner. Either way, handling the issue now means you’re better prepared for the next activation. It also takes the matter off your mind, helping you remain productive at work and sleep better at night.

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Author: Nick Riggall


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