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5 Great Reasons You Should Invest in Street Teams

It can be difficult to strengthen a brand-consumer relationship, but it doesn’t have to be. Experiential marketing offers brands an emotionally effective, content rich environment where relationships are naturally born. In fact, according to Event Track 2015, “events and experiences positively improve brand perception. After the event 74% of the participants have a more positive opinion about the company, brand, product or service being promoted.”

Face-to-face marketing is also versatile. Brands have a multitude of tactics at their disposal. Some require expansive footprints, event sponsorships, or elements that can require a significant amount of resources and planning. Which is why street teams are an easy win for brands.

Street teams are relatively inexpensive, easy to execute, and meet the consumer “in the wild,” often when they are least expecting it (there’s a bonus: built in surprise and delight). And it’s a win because it personalizes the brand and generates buzz.

By investing in street team marketing, your brand can stick to a budget and demonstrate great ROI. It’s the best of both worlds.


Why Street Teams are So Powerful

Street team marketing is a form of experiential marketing where teams of brand ambassadors hit the streets in areas with high foot traffic. Instead of putting up a billboard or executing a highly produced experiential event, brands engage consumers where they walk, work, and live.

There are several strategies related to street teams. For example, teams can use branded bicycles and ride throughout a city. Or they can become walking billboards by wearing branded clothing and gear. There are also PR stunts, which include eye-catching tactics such as flash mobs. Like all things experiential marketing, the options are limitless. But regardless of what method you use, there are great reasons to invest in street teams.

Consider these five powerful reasons why you should build this tactic into your marketing mix.


1. They are cost-efficient

Marketing is often expensive, depending on the channels a brand chooses to utilize. One of the great advantages of street team marketing is how light it is on your budget. There’s no venue or footprint build out. In many cases, the primary expense is collateral, brand teams, and reporting/data capture (which your event staffing agency can often assist with).

Marketers can also adjust the scope of the campaign to the budget. If your brand needs to be more mindful of spend, perhaps try digital collateral that consumers can claim via a QR code or social media contest. Or you can play with the duration of the campaign, and target during peak hours, such as when people are commuting to work. Ready for another bonus? There are no on-going costs for street team marketing. The campaign is as long — or as short — as the budget allows.


Meeting marketing goals with street teams

2. They are easy to plan

Street team marketing can be very straightforward. It requires research and planning related to finding the ideal places and ways to engage with your target buyer personas, but brands can stick to a SMART campaign model (the one we like is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound) to keep street team marketing streamlined.

  • Specific: Brand ambassador teams of 5 will engage with consumers, communicate campaign messaging, and distribute collateral/offer at 10 prime locations across NYC
  • Measurable: Teams will achieve at least 500 impressions through distributing collateral or an offer
  • Attainable: We know these numbers are realistic based on traffic numbers at this time and the typical concentration of our target consumer
  • Relevant: We used data and determined that this offer resonates with our audience
  • Time-bound: Our campaign will occur over one week during the morning commute to maximize engagement and determine the best days of the week for engagement

As you can see, it’s possible to plan and execute a street team marketing campaign in a way that is clear and straightforward. These campaigns can be as simple or complex as you choose.

3. They create buzz

Street team marketing is visually rich and disruptive. Especially when paired with a good amplification plan, it can earn your brand some great publicity. People can’t help but talk about and share fun and unexpected things that occur in their day. If a team floods the street with branded costumes, everyone is going to talk about it with their friends and coworkers. They’ll also take photos and share them. In fact, Event Track 2016 reports that “nearly all consumers (98%) create digital or cocial content at events and experiences.” And all of these consumers report sharing that content.

Street team marketing gets precious word-of-mouth going, both in the digital and face-to-face realms. Consumers feed off each other’s energy, stoke FOMO, and provide brands with positive advertising, free of charge to the brand. This social amplification also allows the street team to “live” well-beyond the initial activation.


How to evaluate event staffing agencies

4. They personalize your brand

What’s more likely to leave an impression on a consumer — a social media ad or a fun, friendly person handing them a freebie? Street team marketing humanizes a brand. It helps a brand to build a relationship with consumers that goes much farther than tag lines or video.

Consumers, like all humans, crave interaction with others. This is what makes street teams so effective.

5. They hyper-target your audience

One challenge in marketing, especially digital, is ensuring the brand is reaching its target audience. Street teams meet your target audience where they live. On top of that, the brand is interacting with the consumer directly and on a personal level. Like all experiential tactics, it’s intimate.

Let’s go back to the digital-only comparison. It’s easy to create online content or buy an ad, but how do you know for sure that the target audience is paying attention to that content or ad? Or that they see it as relevant? With street teams, ambassadors are walking right up to consumers and hand-delivering a brand message. Not only can they hyper-target exactly who you are looking to engage, they can gather critical feedback related to how effective your offer or messaging is.


Create Powerful Moments Through Street Teams

Street team marketing is about meeting consumers where they are, and with a personal touch. It doesn’t take a huge budget or immense resources to run an effective, ROI-driven campaign.

And here’s even better news: through street teams, brands can create a powerful experience for consumers. It’s a win for brands, consumers, and marketers alike.


Street teams are one of the most impactful ways for a brand to engage with consumers. Do you have questions about best practices or which types of staff are right for your brand? Contact us!


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Author: Nick Riggall


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