An Introduction to Elevate Staffing


We are elevate. We are an event staffing agency. This means that the leading agencies and brands trust us to choose and manage the brand ambassadors that represent their brands on the front line of consumer engagement.

We believe that the right people have the power to help people make faster, better and longer lasting decisions about the brands they align with.

This is why we passionately believe in the power and impact of experiential staffing.

For us this can mean  managing a coast-to-coast demonstration campaign for a new Oculus VR headset to curious influencers , showing groups of party goers a new way of drinking their favorite spirit like Stillhouse or sampling a new Soap & Glory beauty product at the moment consumers appreciate it the most.  The common factor isn’t the product but the presentation by a friendly, informed and engaging brand ambassador.

We appreciate that we’re not the only staffing agency out there but we do believe that we do staffing better than anyone else. How do we live up to this reputation we have set ourselves?

  • We plan better – taking time to understand your specific challenge and combining it with our many years experience getting it right
  • We select better – taking time to really know our ambassadors inside out so we can match them perfectly to your brand
  • We train better – we invest time and money in training because we know that by being better informed our teams can achieve higher impact
  • We deliver better – using the foundations of our planning we are expert in smooth and seamless delivery giving you the results you need on-time and on-budget

The confidence for our claims comes from Elevate’s ten years experience (over 100 years if you combine us together) of creating and managing staffing brand campaigns all across the US and also in Europe.

If you believe that people are the most effective way to engage people then give us a call to let us prove to you that we’re the best staffing solution bar none out there.

If you would like to chat further, drop us a line. We’re happy to speak with you in regards to your future campaigns


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An Introduction to Elevate Staffing

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